Dog Parks and Kennel Cough

Kota’s Place Dog Daycare and Boarding LOVES the area Dog Parks and we are huge advocates of dog parks everywhere. We feel the benefits far outweigh the detriments. That being said, there are things you should be aware of when attending a dog park, anywhere.

Some people are not as diligent as others when it comes to vaccinating their dogs. Because of this, more dogs are at risk of catching airborne illnesses such as Bordatella, if they attend dog parks, Other people feel that animals are overly vaccinated and therefore make a conscious decision not to vaccinate. People also travel from all over, and can carry disease or colds that are airborne and can easily be spread.

At Kota’s Place we are diligent in keeping our clients vet records up to date and send constant reminders if their pets’ vet records or vaccines are coming due. For the safety of all dogs in our care, we will not permit a dog be in our building if we do not have current records of up-to-date vaccines.

If you have noticed a decrease in your dogs appetite, if your dog has diarrhea or loose stool, or if your dog sounds as if he has something caught in his/her throat, we would appreciate it greatly if we knew before bringing your dog into the building. We ask that if you have visited a dog park in the past 10 days, please leave your dog in the car for a moment and come to the desk to speak with us. We will always air on the side of caution in every situation. We want to ensure everyone that their dogs’ safety and well being is our top priority.

Our practice has been and will continue to be one of over-caution rather than a relaxed “we’ll see” attitude. We will send you to the vet rather than potentially expose other dogs to a potential illness. We appreciate your continued understanding.

We wish you Happiness, health and great success for 2019!

Sandy, Wayne and the TEAM at Kota’s Place.

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