Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Schedule My Meet & Greet Appointment?
You have two options for creating a Meet & Greet appointment. 1) You can call Kota’s Place at 774-994-1413 and someone will be more than happy to schedule it for you or, 2) Register on the site, then log-in and schedule the Meet and Greet yourself under the “Schedule a Daycare” tab.
What Records are Required to Attend Kota's Place?

We require the following: Rabies, Distemper and Parvo Combo (can be DHLPP / DHP / DAP / D2APV (Titer tests are not acceptable). Bordetella / Canine Cough / Kennel Cough (There is a 10-day MINIMUM waiting period after the vaccine has been administered. As of October 1, 2019 we are now requiring K9 Influenza as well as a Fecal Exam.

I've Never Used Daycare Before. How Will I Know If My Dog Likes It?
Oh, you’ll know! When your dog comes home and is exhausted from playing all day and rips your arm off when you pull up to our door the second time, you’ll know your dog loves Kota’s Place!
What is the Process for Joining Kota's Place?
First and most importantly, please make certain all your Vet records are up to date. Then register as a New Member on our website. Once we have your Vet Records and they are approved, you can schedule a Meet & Greet for your dog by calling the office at 774-994-1413 or by Logging In after you’ve registered and scheduling yourself.
What Happens If I Am Late To Pick Up My Dog?
Well, it depends; If you’re running 15-20 minutes late, we will keep the light on for you and be here when you arrive. If it’s going to be longer, please call us. We treat each incident on a case-by-case basis. We’re easy going and know that life interrupts!!
We've Been To Other Places & They Don't Check Vaccinations. Why Are You So Strict?

We consider the health of every dog. If your child were at daycare, would you want a child with the flu sharing a sandwich? We keep track and our system sends out e-mails when your vaccinations are 30 days from expiration. The system also will send a reminder at 10 days and if expired, will not allow you to schedule your dog for daycare or boarding.

What Happens If My Dog Is Injured While At Kota's Place?
We have relationships with local Veterinarians who will provide immediate care. We use the Barnstable Animal Hospital which is located .25 miles from our location or if we need 24-hour service, we use CCVS which is about a 15 minute trip down the road. We trust and utilize both places for our own dogs, and feel confident they will provide excellent loving services for your dogs as well.
We've Been To Other Places & They Kept My Dog In A Cage Overnight. Do You Do this As Well?
No. We are kennel-free, meaning the dogs are out and about. They typically sleep on a comfy bed but are never confined to a cage.
I See That You Have A Rewards Program. How Does That Work?
Our Kota’s Kash is based on visits and loyalty. We are more than happy to reward our dog parents for coming back again and again. We think this is a great idea and look forward to giving back!
How Much Advanced Notice Do I Need To Reserve Daycare or Boarding?
We’re proud to announce that our on-line reservation system is now active. The on-line reservation system will only allow a maximum number of dogs per day at our facility, and then not allow additional reservations. It will allow for a “wait-list” to be created when we are all booked up. If it allows you to make a reservation, then you are guaranteed a spot for your “Spot.” If you cannot reserve on-line, please call and we will make your reservation for you!
I live in Falmouth. Will Kota's Kab Pick Up My Dog There?
It will depend on a few variables. Time of day, time of year, and availability of Kota’s Kab. We honestly want to be as accommodating as possible to everyone, but there are times when logistics simply will not permit the trip.
Are You On Social Media?
Does your dog wags it’s tail when it sees you? Yes we are! Find us on Facebook, YouTube, Google+ Instagram, and Twitter. Please come and Like, Subscribe, Follow, Insta? and Tweet Us… We love the love!
Do You Have Additional Charges Based On The Type Of Breed?
No, we don’t breed discriminate. We do require a Meet & Greet to make certain your dog is social enough to hang out with the crowd. If there are aggression issues, we may require special placement and special care, which could incur a modest up charge.
Do You Have Additional Charges For Feedings Or Playtime With The Dogs?
No. It is our pleasure to have your dog here, help him/her to socialize with the other dogs and get as much exercise as they can. We don’t have additional charges for walking or running the dogs in the play areas. That’s ridiculous!
Do You Ever Run Any Specials Or Have Events?
Great question! Yes we do and we will post those events and specials on Facebook when they happen. It would be a good idea to like our page! We will also have them listed on the website, so check back!
Are You Going To Offer Grooming or Training??
Another great question! Yes we do plan on offering these services. Currently we are developing relationships with Groomers in the area as well as searching for the BEST trainer we can find. We will then begin scheduling both for our clients as soon as we have completed our search. We will not use anyone that we would not want to have groom or train our own dogs!
Do You Charge A Premium For Holidays?
We do charge a bit more on Holidays due to demand and space limitations as well as staffing demands. We do not over-price our services, ever!
How Do I See The Webcams?

We use our webcams for internal use only at this time. We have several cameras set up to view each area, but they are not public. 

Questions & Comments

Please feel free to ask questions. We are always trying to improve. Our goal is to be the best of the best!

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